Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Soooo....this is my first post!! YAY!!

Today I want to thank God for my mom. She helped me set up this entire blog last night (she's good at it too!). She is such an INCREDIBLE mom, and I appreciate her so much!

One of the many things I appreciate about Mom is that she always strives to be an encouragement to her family (and she succeeds!). Whether she's making special chocolate chip-pecan pancakes for dinner, talking (and listening) to me as I bring up my frustrations, or taking my brother and me shopping for spring clothes, she's a constant example to me of how a godly mom should act.

I also appreciate Mom because she has a servant's heart for others. My dad works at Christian college, and a lot of college-age girls come to mom to talk about ALL KINDS of stuff!! And mom ALWAYS LISTENS!!! Even if someone stops by to talk just when Mom's about to do something else, she stops and serves. She reminds me of Jesus in Matt. 4:13-14. Jesus really needed to be ALONE, and yet, when He saw all those people who were in need, He gave up his much needed alone-time, and served! Mom practices that kind of serving regularly, and I'm very thankful for her example. Thanks Mom!!



lori said...

Love the color, love the flowers....but especially LOVE your heart....

you have a heck of a mom!!
and she has a heck of a daughter...

I can't wait to share your blog with my girls....
they are
that is Maddie's (13)
that is Delaney's (10)

They need girls like you to mentor and minister....
what a wonderful forum!!

We'll be back!!!
Ms. Lori...
do you happen to serve coffee like your mom....chocolate would work too....

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

Hey girl!!! Now, everyone is going to think that I told you what to write!!! Thanks for loving me and not telling everone the bad stuff about me!!

I love you!!!

gina said...

Hi Brianna,
I found you through your Mom. You have a beautiful blog! I just love the design. You sound like a sweet girl. Good for you---going to college! Yay.

Jordan A. said...

Hey Brianna,

Wow, what a gorgeous blog! You and your mom did a really nice job with it.

I look forward to reading your future posts and am very excited about your new blog!

Have a great day!

God bless,

Jordan A. said...

Oh and one more thing, I also have another blog that I made for recipes and crafts. Here is the link-

I also just realized I signed my name Arya on the last comment, sorry if my switching back and forth between names gets confusing, I am so used to signing my name Arya that I usually do that by accident....woops!!

God bless,

sweet tea &me said...

Hey Brianna! I am Lori's daughter Maddie! Your blog is so pretty! I absolutely LOVE the flowers!!! those chocolate chip pecan pancakes sound yummy!mmmmmmm:):):):):):):):)You can check out my blog if you want....Also if you want I can put your link up on my sidebar:):):):):):):)
love always,

Denise said...

Wow, your blog is really awesome. Welcome to thankful thursday, so glad you joined us. I enjoyed your thankful list. Bless you sweetie.

SharonB said...

Hey Brianna! What a beautiful blog! How exciting for you! What a wonderful tribute to your mom - and I have to agree! She is an amazing mom! I just love her!

And you...oh my...such a wonderful godly example of a godly young woman. I know your mom is so proud of you...I know she'd give God the glory...but she has done a wonderful job being mom!

I Love you!

Jekuthiel said...

Hi Brianna!
I found your blog through Amanda.
Thought I'd pop in here and say hi. ;-)
You can visit the blog I just started here:

Peggie said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! You will meet lots of people as you step out. I know I did. Still trying to find my niche in this world of blogging, but it is fun on the journey.

.moose. said...

Congratulations on your first blog post Brianna! It's so nice to see young women who really love God. The way that you love and honor your mom is inspirational.

Susan said...

Hey Brianna,

Welcome to blogland! I'm so blessed you decided to join us today.

You are such a beautiful young lady, I'm sure inside as well.

That was such a sweet tribute to your mom. She sounds like one VERY special woman!

Blessings to you sweetie, I'll look forward to coming back♥

laney said...

Hi! That was SUCH a cool post! I love the flowers on the top of your page! Thanks for the comment!
Laney, (Lori's Daughter:)

Luv2bhsmama said...

Hey Brianna! Wonderful blog. What else could we expect from such a wonderful young lady! Maybe I will let my daughters actually read a blog now. We will try to check back often.

BP said...

Hello Brianna! I like the bright happy colors of your blog and welcome to Thankful Thursday and blogging. It has been enjoyable for me.

I'm glad you have such a special Mom. It is nice to hear you praise her. :)

A Girl Trying To Find Her Spot In The World said...

Coffee Sister!!! Nice blog!!

laney said...

I LOVE your polka dotted backround! It is SO cute!

Joanne said...


Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I pray that the Lord blesses this tiny little spot on the world wide web and uses you to touch the lives of many many young women for His kingdom!

In His love, Joanne

p.s. I just LOVE your mom too.