Monday, April 7, 2008

My Dad's Trip to New Orleans

This past month, my Dad led a group of college students on a trip to New Orleans. They were helping EFCA Relief Services in the Katrina clean-up project. Below are some pics from his trip.

Dad got to try his first crawfish!! Here, he is sucking the juice out of the crawfish's head...yummm!!

This is one of the HUNDREDS of abandoned/condemned houses.

If you look toward the back of this house's driveway, you'll see a plane! It randomly floated into this person's back yard, and has been sitting there for two and a half years!!

Condemned low-income housing projects...

One of the team's projects was to remove a roof that had collapsed onto a neighboring house during the flood.

This is part of the team and the family whose house they worked on during the week. This family's house had been blown off of its foundation during Katrina.

Cleaning up after a hard day's work.

The team slept at Trinity Church in Covington, LA.

Another destroyed home.

Dad putting siding on a house...

Another condemned house that the team had to clear out.

The Mississippi River

Beignet pastry from the Cafe Du Monde.

Trinity Church is known as "the church of the stained carpet," because literally hundreds of people from all over the country stay at the facility every week. These people work in teams to help the people effected by Katrina. There is a lot of work left to do...for more info on Trinity and on the Katrina project, check out the links above.



Liz (From Homeschoolblogger) said...

Hi Brianna! :) Thank you SO much for your comment!

I am glad you liked my pictures, and my blog too! :) I Really like your Blog!!! Your template is So cute and I really like your header too! :)

I have been reading the posts that you have posted,and I really like them! ;)

I like the pictures you posted about your dad's trip! I know this sounds silly, but I didn't know people were still cleaning up from Hurricane Katrina! I am glad your dad and his group of college students helped in the clean-up project! My favorite pictures of yours are the Mississippi River and of the beignet pastry it looks so good! I also like the one of your dad trying a Crawfish. Did he like it? :)

Thank you again So much for the comment! I love meeting new people, and I am glad you stopped by! :) I will be sure to come to your blog again soon! :)

Love Your Sister in Christ,

laney said...

Those were really neat pictures! It's so cool that your dad got to help! I love you little pink banner! It's really cute! Thanks for the comments! :):):):):):):):) Have a great day!

Miss Amanda said...

Those are great pictures. Looks like a wonderful experience to show God's love to the lost too!

Thanks for sharing them!

Just lmk if you would like help with anything!

Prayers and Blessings,
Miss Amanda

lori said...

We have friends from New Orleans whose lives will never be the same....the more that we can help and serve..the hope they will have....

great post Brianna!!
that pic of your dad eating a craw~dad....that is PRICELESS!!
ms. lori

Susan said...

Hey Brianna,

Please tell your dad thanks for me. As you know I'm from New Orleans. Just seeing the pictures are heart-breaking!

I love those donuts, my favorites!