Thursday, April 10, 2008


As you saw in my first post,
I've been blessed with a wonderful mom.
And as you saw in my last post,
I also have a wonderful dad who served in N.O. last month!
I'm also blessed with a wonderful church.

I am so grateful to God that He brought us to our church 13+ years ago!The elders have sought, with God's help, to model our church after the New Testament church. Our Pastor has been serving there for about 37 years, and I appreciate him SO MUCH! He is one of the most humble and wise people I know. He teaches straight from God's personal opinions. And when gone to for council or advice, he points you straight to the Bible. My church also seeks to encourage family worship, and there are many kids (0-18yrs) in the service every week. As I've gotten older, I've really come to respect and cherish my church and our Pastor, as well as the fellowship at the church. We're known as the congregation that stays for a long time after the service to TALK, TALK, and TALK some more! :-) I love that! It's also neat because we have a wide variety of people in the congregation, and I've noticed that when I step into a group of girls to talk, we can all fellowship and enjoy each other, simply because we are sisters in Christ! Isn't it awesome that the body of Christ as a whole has that one common factor that draws all believers together?!?

Thank you, Lord, for my church...
and thank for Pr. Gerry
and all of the other Bible-teaching, godly pastors out there!



Amy said...

What a cool post! That's awesome you have a neat church :-)

Denise said...

Really nice post, bless you.

Amadis said...

Awesome church! I wish my church had (0-18) Then I'd have tons of friends
(Kidding) But that really is an awesome church.
May God keep blessing you girl!

Shari said...

Your church sounds like such a blessing. It's so great to hear that your pastor preaches straight from the Bible. We have a good pastor like that, too. Unfortunately, he will be leaving our congregation in July. He gets to go be an awesome pastor for another church.

Jenileigh said...

Great list! Happy Thankful Thursday!

BP said...

That's wonderful you have such a loving church family. That is important! You will cherish those friendships as you get older. Thanks for sharing.

Liz :) said...

Hi Brianna! :) That was a Wonderful post! I am glad that God has blessed you with a Really nice church! :)

I hope you are doing well and have a Great Weekend! :)

Love your Friend,

Melanie said...

So wonderful that you have such an awesome church! Blessings to you this week!

Gina's Public Diary said...

So glad you have a good church to go to. I LOVE the pink and green on your blog.

eph2810 said...

It is wonderful to have a great home-congregation. It is so important that our pastors not share their own personal opinion, but what they say can be traced back to His Word.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

Be blessed today and always.

laney said...

Your church is SO pretty! It's so cool that you have a church that you love! Have a great day!