Sunday, September 7, 2008


The other day in class, one of my professors repeated a quote he had heard once; it is so challenging and goes against everything my flesh desires. The quote was,

Don't sacrifice the ultimate on the altar of the immediate.

He also warned that "it's really easy to give up the potential of tomorrow for the glory of today."
This professor was talking about the importance of vision in the Christian life. And no...he was NOT talking about the stereotypical "vision" that so many people, believers and nobelievers alike, strive know...the "follow-your-heart-and-do-what-you-want-to-do" kind of vision. No, he was talking about "seeing beyond today"...realizing that, most of the time, following fleshly impulses is a dangerous thing.
My professor went on to say that the Christian also needs "Clear and convicted decisions." They must know "where they're going," and they must be determined that they are "not going to sell out to anyone but Jesus Christ." Amen Professor Leigh!

Dear Lord,
Help me to stay focused on You.
It's so hard sometimes; hundreds of different things
divert my attention from You and Your truth every day.
So often I give into my flesh,
dwelling on those subjects that are either impure and foolish,
or unnecessary and unimportant.
Help me to stay focused on YOUR TRUTH.
Help me to have God-vision:
vision that is zeroed in on living for and selling out to You ALONE.
Help me to "Do Hard Things,"
and to never "sacrifice the ultimate on the altar of the immediate."
Thank You so much for Your incredible and unending


Madison said...

Wow Brianna!! That is an amazing post! And yet, how true... I really needed that post!


Julia said...

Amen, Brianna!
Wow, that is so wonderful that you have a professor that encourages his students like that!
And of course, you're absolutely rght on with this post. :) Thank you for posting this!

Madison said...

I'm so sorry I had to comment again, but I wanted to let you know I awarded you! Go to my blog for details.

~Madison :-D

Carla said...

Great post!
I hate it when people tell me to "Follow your (my) heart"! It is the worst advice ever, if I followed my heart I would be doing a whole lot that I shouldnt be doing.
What a good professor to point that stuff out!

Anonymous said...


I followed the link from your mom's site. You have a really nice blog and this post was great. You write really well--keep it up!

Are you a music major? I was at WBC for a year as a voice major about 11 years ago, but then I ran out of money. I've been able to take lessons since then though.

Theory was hard for me too:)

In Him,
Cassie Tynan

Maddie said...

Brianna, I am so sorry I haven't commented. Great, no, Really great post! I love that quote! Thank you for sharing it!!:) I hope college is going great:) Oh and I gave you an award on my blog:):)


Life Savior said...

Nice blog! I found it from Meeshay's blog!

All For His Son's Glory!

Sara said...

Thank you for sharing Brianna. In this day and age, it is definitely a challenge to keep my eyes focused on Christ and not on myself. Once school takes up the majority of my time, it's even more of a challenge to set aside times for devotions and prayer.

Jordan Bethany said...

Hey Brianna,

How are you? Miss seeing you. How is college?

Your template is gorgeous!!!!!