Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a Head-ful!!!


What a semester! The whole 4 months has been nothing but one big learning experience (that's why I've had trouble keeping up with you guys...)!

So...what has God taught me during these last few months?

1) College takes DISCIPLINE! Thankfully, I have some natural organizational skills. However, I don't know what I would do without Mom to help me lay out a schedule, focus on completing homework, and distract me when I need to be distracted! :-) My Dad is there to proof-read papers and to cheer me up when I am stressed (which is all too often!).

My brother...well...he provides the comic relief!

2) Staying in tune with God is vital. Keeping up with my devotions has proved especially difficult lately, especially with the never-ending homework, time-consuming piano practice, early morning volleyball workouts, church twice a week, precious family time, late study-nights (no all-nighters yet!)...I am ashamed to say that I was not as consistent in the Word as I should have been, especially during the first few weeks of school.

I realized early on what a difference it makes when I miss my quiet time. I began to see myself giving into temptations more easily. I saw how much harder it was to stand alone in a crowd.

Over and over again, God reminded me that a busy schedule is not an excuse to stop spending time in His Word! In fact, it is the very reason why I must stay in His Word!

Thanks to God, I have grown in this area. Yet, I still have a long ways to go. Praise God for His never-ending patience!

3) I must rely on God, not people. As I started the school year, I had high hopes of developing at least one tight, godly friendship. I am realizing that those expectations are not always realistic. I have made some new friends, but for various reasons, my schedule included, it's been difficult to develop close and godly friendships.

My mom and I have had many long talks on this subject, and I am slowly realizing that I need to trust in God's plans and timing. I need to draw close to Him and not place my hope in human companionship, not even that of other Christians.

4) I am so thankful for my family! I am meeting so many different kids with so many types of backgrounds; sometimes their stories amaze me! I praise God for how He has blessed me with a safe home, godly parents, and a wonderful church.

5) I am so thankful for church family. I especially want to praise God for my friend Courtney. We met when I was only 7 years old, when her family started attending our church. We've been friends ever since! Over this semester, I've grown to appreciate her more and more. She is a godly, talented young women who is striving to honor God and is always there for me when I need to talk about "stuff."

I am seeing more and more how difficult it is to find solid, godly friends. God has blessed me so much through Courtney!


There is a boatload more to learn, and I am somewhat excited--somewhat apprehensive--about what God's going to teach me next semester!

Right now...I'm just enjoying my BREAK!!

Cookie baking, Christmas shopping, room-organizing...
and lots and lots of SLEEPING!! :-)


Sara said...

College is a lot of work, isn't it? I have the same tendency you have with getting stressed out easily. I'm just so glad that those 4 months flew by fast! I didn't have the sports practicing like you I'm sure that was hard to keep up with. My family was a huge help to me during my college semester...they were so encouraging and helped cheer me up when I was upset about a certain subject (*COUGH*--like microbiology. =D I'm sure glad that's over!)

Anyway, you have such a godly outlook on life Brianna- thanks for sharing your "thankful" list. And yes, I have to admit I struggled with fitting my devotions in. I still am because of the hectic Christmas season. I neeed to change that!

Merry Christmas!!

p.s. I LOVE that Casting Crowns song!

Sharon said...

I'm so glad God has kept you and taught you what He has! It was great to have a post from you again too :-) Enjoy your break! Keep strong in the Lord!

*hannah* said...

Hi Brianna! I ran across your blog and wow! what an inspiration you are to me. I am a senior this year living everyday for our Master. What a privilege it is to serve Him. I hope that we can stay in touch! Enjoy your break!

Anonymous said...

College must be hard. My older sister is busy all the time, and I am only in 7th grade, so, I am not so busy!

Julia said...

HI Brianna!

I'm so relieved to find you're still alive!! :D

I'm sorry college has been so difficult... I'm sure I wouldn't keep up blogging if I was going to college.

(I'm actually going to just keep up my jewelry business and concentrate on learning homemaking skills... I'm not going to college.) :D

I pray you will be blessed with incredible peace and joy!