Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thankful Thursday

First of all, I would like to announce that...

(and l loved it!), and I'm thankful because I'm going to see it AGAIN today!! :-)

I'd also like to say that I'm thankful for godly teachers. I've had several in my lifetime, and I'd like to honor them today.

~Thank you God for Emily!

Emily was my first piano teacher, and she was wonderful! Not only was she a wonderful musician, but she was also a godly example to me and my brother. She spent time with us outside of piano lessons...taking walks, playing games, and talking to us. One of my favorite memories with Emily is the time we went for a walk and played "Pooh sticks" in the creek (for those of you who are not Winnie the Pooh fans...Pooh sticks is a game where you all throw sticks into the water on one side of a bridge, and then you run to the other side of the bridge to see whose stick passes under first! :0). Emily also made music FUN!! She'd make up interesting memory games, or she'd let me compose my own song. Thanks Emily!

~Thank you God for Ms. Deannie!

Miss Deannie was my second piano teacher, and she is also my pastor's wife. I cannot tell you what a blessing she has been to more areas than just piano! She is definitely a great pianist (she is the one who taught me how to play hymns), but she also has been an amazing example to me and to everyone else in my family! She consistently reaches out to those around her, including the young girls at church. She also is a wonderful mother and grandmother. Her godliness is a challenge to my spiritual growth, and her thoughtful and kind attitudes and actions are a real blessing! Thanks Ms. Deannie!

~Thank you God for Tanya!

Tanya was my art teacher several years ago. She is SO creative and artistic, and she taught me so much! My favorite art project that Caleb and I completed with her was the paper town...we made paper houses, paper stores, paper trees, paper people, and even a paper campfire!! It was SOOO much fun!! Tanya also demonstrated a sweet, fun-loving, and godly attitude on a consistent basis; she continues to demonstrate that attitude now as a wife and mom. Thanks Tanya!!

~Thank you God for Mrs. Wood!

Mrs. Wood is my current piano teacher. She is a wonderful musician and person, and I love her!! One of the many things I appreciate about Mrs. Wood is that she has a very spiritual outlook on music. She sees music and teaching as a ministry, and she constantly demonstrates that view. She often brings spiritual lessons into piano lessons; this encourages me to always see music as a tool which I should use to glorify God. Her excited approach to music is very contagious...thank you Mrs. Wood!

~Thank you God for Pastor Gerry!

Pastor Gerry is the pastor of my family's church...and he is AMAZING!! He is one of the most godly men that I know. He is a prime example of someone who continuously serves and ministers to others. He teaches straight from the Word...none of his personal opinions. He and Ms. Deannie just celebrated 40 (yes...FORTY!!) years of marriage and ministry. FORTY YEARS, PEOPLE!! I don't know about you, but that is amazing to me! Pr. Gerry's relationship with God, his wife, and his congregation are such a challenge to me, as well as to everyone who he comes in contact with. Thank you Pastor Gerry! And last, but MOST DEFINITELY not least...

~Thank you God for my parents!

My parents have homeschooled me for 13 years, and have done a wonderful job. But aside from academics, they have taught me many crucial life lessons...over the course of 18 years! They are wonderful, godly their marital relationship, in their relationships with the students they minister to, in their relationships with us, and in their relationships with God. They are in the Word daily, and they are committed to each other and to being the best parents that they can be. Whenever my brother and/or I need to talk to someone, or when we need to vent our frustrations, they are always there. They will be celebrating 20 (yes...TWENTY!!) years of marriage this August. I don't know about you, but that is amazing to me! Thank you, Mom and Dad, for your amazing love and example...I love you!! :-)



Living Beyond said...

Great list it seems that you have been surrounded by some amazing people!!!

Miss Breezy said...

Hello Brianna!
Your blog is so sweet!

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm a Breanna with an 'e.' How do you say your's? Bre-onna or Bre-anna? I'm the latter.

Isn't it great to have teachers that are passionate about what they teach?! My piano teacher is helping me with playing hymns for church. I've learned so much from her and don't like to think of leaving her next year!

I would be interested in hearing someone's (godly) spiritual insight on the ministry of music. R.C. Sproul Jr. once said, "Beauty is glory, and Glory is God." That really hit me - so simply profound. So I've been thinking a bit lately on how (in art and music) I can direct people through beauty to their Creator.

Congratulations to your parents! May they live happily ever after.


Madison said...

You have got a lot to be thankful for, Brianna!
I'm glad to see some people who are grateful for what they have, instead of saying they don't have enough. Your blog is so encouraging!

Julia said...

Hi Brianna,

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I don't mind if you copy me - I think it would be great if you want to interview your brother. I actually got to know my brothers a little more when I was talking to them, and they were delighted that I wanted to know more about them!
Your blog looks great - I'm so glad you had all those godly people to learn from! Congrats to your parents...mine celebrated their anniversary recently, but they've only been married 19 years.
Have a great day!

An Old Fashioned Girl said...

Hello! I'm Lydia (you commented on my blog today.) I like a lot of the same things you do. I've seen Prince Caspian twice now and I am planning on a 3rd viewing!

I love your idea of "Thankful Thursdays" my I copy you on my blog?

Miss said...

Hey Brianna,

Great job on the post! Neat idea!

Here are some blogs you could visit...I will try and send more tomorrow






Brooke- (Her Tribute to Her Dad was published too!)

Mandy Grace-


Okay I think that will keep you busy for at least a few days anyway:-) I'll try to find some more soon though.

Luv ya,

eph2810 said...

What a wonderful tribute to all the special teachers in your life. How cool that you had such great art/music teachers.
Yes, I think that parents what walk the walk are the best example for a godly life - you are truly blessed.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us.

Blessings to you and yours...