Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday was my 18th birthday! And I am thankful for:

~18 years of life~

~18 years of being raised by two godly parents~

~15 years with a great brother~

~The many wonderful friends who helped me celebrate this past week~


~13 years of sound education~

~13 years attending a sound, bible-teaching church~

So...this morning I am lying in my bed (my cat lounging besides me)...and I see my brother peeking through my door. Then my family bursts through my door, Caleb vigorously clanging a ceramic pot with a huge spoon (this thoroughly traumatizes our cat, who races as fast as he can out of my room! :-).

Then they all start to sing to me (of course, at every pause in the song, Caleb clangs the pot again). I opened my presents, and then headed out to the kitchen to eat my mom's chocolate chip pancakes. For lunch, we all went out to lunch with our friend Ms. Deena, and then we came home and ate the CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE CAKE that Ms. Deena was AMAZING!!!!

We finished up by watching Anne of Green Gables and then going to church that evening. Over all, it was a very special day!

Thank you God for birthdays, family, friends, and chocolate!!



Denise said...

Happy belated Birthday sweet one, may you be blessed with many more happy days.

Cheryl said...

Happy Happy Birthday! 18! I don't think I remember 18. Just Kidding. I hope you have a fantastic life. Such a sweet young lady.

Stay close to the Lord! Always!


UKZoe said...

I am laughing at the traumatized cat, sorry. I was at a friends house the other week, and someone sneeked up behind one of the girls and tickled her, she shrieked, the cat panicked and bolted for the door, but that door was shut and the cat hit it head first, panicked and hid behind the sofa, meanwhile the dog is just yelping and yelping, heehee.

lori said...

BABY BROTHERS are the best!!
Well I never had one....always wanted one! HE sounds like the best!!

You are one blessed girl...
(no clanging pots!;):):):)

Brianna, you have the heart that I pray my girls will have at 18...what a bright future you have figured so much out!

Here's to the next 18...may they be blessed beyond belief! God's will be done!!

hugs to you hon!(you are the 'young lady' to your mom's 'old lady' :)
ms. lori

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday, Brianna!

Laurie Ann said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us. Hope the cat recovers soon, LOL.

Darlene said...

Happy Birthday!! My daughter turned 18 in Dec.
Thanks for sharing with us!

genny said...

Belated happy birthday and hope you have lots of birthdays to come. Thanks for sharing your TT. TC and happy TT!

sharon said...

Happy Birthday Brianna! You are so blessed! God bless you even more.

.moose. said...

Happy Birthday.

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Brianna! What a precious girl you are! I loved reading about the special way your family celebrated your birthday! Your love for the Lord is evident all over your blog. Blessings dear one! = )


laney said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Chocolate truffle cake...mmmmmm!
I bet that was yummy! Little brothers...:) I hope your day was great! Have a blessed weekend!

Madison said...

Happy Birthday!
I've been on your blog before, but I'm 'new.' I love your blog!

SharonB said...

WOW I haven't been here for awhile and look what I missed!!! Your Birthday! And to think I first met you shortly after you were born!
You have grown into a beautiful young woman inside and out!!

Many Blessings Beloved one of God!