Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, not all of the time! But seriously...

So many times I slack off on the essentials, like...
~Quiet time...one that I've put effort into, not slept
through and then checked off my to-do list.

~Relationships...making the effort to be a godly
friend/sister/daughter, even when it gets hard.

~Self-control...not giving into my emotions at the
difficult moments, but focusing on God and on how He wants me to respond.

~Standing alone...saying "no" to temptation...even when it's
super, super, super hard!!
...among numerous others.

Basically, I don't always DO THE HARD THING.

I know I'm not the only one who slacks...but I've also been convicted recently that I can't become complacent. I can't become content where I am in my spiritual walk. I must be so sensitive to the Holy Spirit as He pushes me towards a God/cross-focused life.

God will finish what He's started in me, no matter how I choose to live my life, either in this life or the one to come! THANK YOU GOD!

But...I DO NOT want waste my time here...the time that HE has entrusted to me...just "getting by."

I recently heard my teacher talk about 2 Thessalonians 3:13-
"And as for you, brethren, do not become weary or lose heart in doing right [but continue in well-doing without weakening]." (Amplified Bible)
He explained that the word "weary" actually implies "lazy." "Do not become [LAZY] in doing right." That insight placed a whole new spin on the verse for me. Way too often, I blame my laziness on "just being too tired" or "weak," when I should be humbled and repentant because of my careless attitude towards His love for me. I demonstrate this carelessness when I classify my Christian walk with "the mundane" or the "daily routine" and cease pushing forward.

Oh God, do a work in my heart! Forgive my laziness...please, PLEASE continue to remind me that I need to let YOU guide and control me; I can't ignore the Hard Things that are essential to honoring You. I must not take the love You showed me on the cross for granted!! Keep waking me up, Lord!

Thanks for your PATIENCE with me! Amen.

And yes...that is my cat! :-)


Sharon said...

This hits home Brianna. God's been getting me about the same thing too.

Maddie said...

I am so with you sista! I have been very lazy and complacent lately and I see other people in my life not on the same faith walk or faith place that I am doing/saying/wearing things that I would never do/say/wear. It is hard to do the right things, especially when it feels like no one cares or notices. But God does (and my mother did notice I hadn't picked up my room:). I am sorry I haven't commented-now that I say it I realize laziness is why:) I hope college is great! Thanks for such a great post and for being a great friend!
Love always,

anna said...

Wow, that is a good reminder, Brianna! Weariness is often just laziness. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Sara said...


Thank you for this honest post! I sure felt convicted...how many times have I said "I deserve a break, I'm exhausted!" It is SO easy to become complacent and comfy where I am in my walk with God. I don't want to push myself any harder or things might get too uncomfortable for me. This is such a selfish attitude, and I'm praying that I strive to do hard things by pushing myself harder for God!


P.S. I love your music. =)