Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my parents. Yesterday was their 20th wedding anniversary! They love each other so much; they are committed to each other and to God, and they continually work to build both of those relationships. I also appreciate the fact that they clearly demonstrate their love for each other. They don't hide it...that's for sure! :-) Mom and Dad are also wonderful parents. They've homeschooled my brother and I for 13 years now and have proven to be excellent teachers!! I'm so grateful for them and for their wisdom and guidance.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I love you so much!

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P.S. I'm also thankful for my beautiful new blog design! Isn't it awesome? Thanks to Ms. Judi from Doodlebug Designs for creating it!


Denise said...

Happy Anniversary to your dear parents. May God bless them with many more happy years together.

Madison said...

Happy Anniversary to your dad and mom!! That is so exciting!
Also, I love your new layout! It is so cute!


Julia said...

Hi Brianna!!

Wow, your blog looks GREAT!! I love the look and the two sidebars are TOO COOL!
The Rebelution conference sounds great... how cool that you got to meet Alex and Brett! :)

AND...You've been awarded! Check my blog for details. :)


Dad said...

Thanks Brianna, you have been, and will continue to be, a tremendous blessing in both Mom's and my lives. - Love the new design -

Kristi said...

Happy anniversary to your mom and dad!

mamasmurf said...

A happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad! It is so lovely to see a daughter posting about what she is thankful for - may God bless you,

Tänia said...

How sweet that you are blessed by such great parents!

And Judi did a great job! Still contemplating what I would like for her to design for me. Hmmmmm..

Tänia of

SSA said...

Wow Brianna your blog looks absolutely stunning and so pretty! I love the header with the photos of your family! How precious!

Congratulations to your parents! Many blessings to them!!

Your pitiful SSA! :P Sorry I haven't been around. I am having fun reading through your blog, getting to know you more, though!

Meshaay said...

WOW BRIANNA!!! I really like the way your blog looks! And your picture on the "about me" place is very pretty.

Sharon said...

Happy anniversary from me! Your site looks great!

Nancie said...

Happy anniversary to your dear parents! This is a very sweet thankful post and lovely tribute to them. Thank God for blessing you with such godly and loving parents, and blessing them with you. You blog design is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us. May God continue to shower His love upon your family and your dear parents.

sweet tea &me said...

I love it!!!!!!!!! It is so perfect!!!!!!! Tell your mom (and Dad:) I said Happy Anniversary!
Love always,

Liz :) said...

Hi Brianna! :)

I LOVE your new blog design!!!!!!! It is SO pretty! I also love your icon too, and I will put it on my blog! :)

Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad! That was a very nice post you did! :)

I hope you have a Wonderful and Blessed day! :)

Love your Friend,

Judi said...

What a precious girl you are! Very sweet words about mom and dad.

I personally think your blog is a beauty...just like you! Of course I could be biased on the design part. :) Enjoy sweetie!

Tell mom hi and happy anniversary to her and dad.